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The Marketers Toolbox!

Every once in a while there comes a website that just blows the minds of Marketers. A true website that delivers high quality products at a low end price with one heck of an affiliate compensation plan.


We wanted to put together a website that provides awesome content for customers and a wow factor for affiliate compensation.  Before we get into the compensation, let's look at our products and services.

What is My Cash Cradle?

Just like a carpenter or mechanic, each tool they use has a specific function to help them be more efficient and productive on their job. My Cash Cradle has the same functionality. This website was built solely as a tool box for affiliate marketers to enhance their online productivity and awareness in order to make them more profitable. Housing many individual products that educate, enhance, and brand marketers with a better understanding of how online marketing works. 

More and more marketers come online everyday with the hope and prayers to make money online to get away from their daily trials and frustrations only to find just as much frustration online as there is off line. This is discouraging and causes marketers and affiliates to give up hope and discontinue their quest for freedom.

This website puts an end to ALL THAT!

We have educational materials and software that help marketers accelerate their learning to be able to maintain productivity and a competitive spirit with seasoned veteran marketers. Basically, we made it super simple! We have products with Master Resale Rights and Private Label rights like;

  • Instant Affiliate Income - 12 series Videos ................  (Value $77)
  • Article Marketing Video Ecourse - 5 Videos .............  (Value $27)
  • Affiliate Marketing Action Plan  ................................  (Value $15)
  • 500 Royalty Free Music Tracks  ................................  (Value $25)
  • 30 DFY Autoresponder Emails  .................................  (Value $17)
  • Free Silver Membership - Power Marketers Club ....  (Value $27)
  • One Year Silver Membership - Sure Fire Wealth  ..... (Value $147)
  • Lifetime Gold Membership ResellRights Mastery .... (Value $197)
  • And Much Much More!

The last two memberships have exclusive products and software that you can resale and keep 100% of the commissions. A total Value worth $1090.

The Affiliate Toolbox can easily be sold at $167 for the amount of worth you are getting for this amazing assortment of products. But that is not why this website was created. It was created for the beginners, for the members who struggle to earn but could never get past the word go! So what we are going to do and for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, you will get all these products and services for a amazing discount. We could charge you 50% off for a one time $83.50, but we wanted YOU to be the one to benefit the most from this incredible discount not us. We are not even going to charge you 75% off. Nope, not going to do it.

We are only able to do this for a select number of members. Once we reach that number the price will definitely go up.

BUT FOR TODAY If you complete your registration and your MCC Tool Box purchase, you are only going to pay....Wait for it!

One time payment. 

That is a 90% valued discount!


Why are we doing it dirt cheap?

We understand the hardships that marketers go through to obtain quality products to resale and make a true profit. Your MCC Tool Box is about helping affiliates achieve monetary success. Even our compensation program is one of a kind and every marketer wins once they join and purchase our products. Click the link to view our compensation plan HERE!

With this platform not only do you get quality products and unlimited training for your online growth, but you will build an amazing team that will all function as one unit for the advancement of your success. All this created just for you for a simple, one time payment of only $17 direct to your personal account!

Here are some other features you will like:

  • All Payments are member to member
  • 1000 Banner Ad bonus credits on upgrade
  • 1000 Text Ad bonus credits on upgrade
  • 300 Login Ad bonus credits on upgrade
  • Weekly Cash and Referral contest
  • Step by Step Guide earning income in members area
  • Master Resale Rights and/or Private Label Rights included 

As we said before, never have you been a part of a website like this where everyone can earn easy money by selling our MRR and PLR products which we will add new ones monthly. This site serves you not you serve the site.

Why should I join "My Cash Cradle" website?

That is a fair question and I am going to give you an honest answer! Because of YOU! You are tired of websites not delivering on what was promised. Giving you a whole bunch of hype on how much money can be made instead on focusing on developing its members to be more productive to sale their own products. Our site was strictly made to put money in your pocket with the sale of our MRR and PLR products and software and train you how to market your own personal products better. We want, YOU, our customer to know that we care about your advancement and well being online. You should join our site because the admin, staff, and other members all support you from day one and will guide you every step of the way without fail. You should join our site because it will put money in your pocket over and over again for the rest of your life because your one time payment of $17 covers your MCC ToolBox purchase, lifetime membership, duplicated website, and MRR and PLR licensing with no other payments ever! It just makes since to earn for life just by sending out invitations. That is your entire job and how easy is that. Join, Invite, Collect!

This will be the easiest money you will have ever made online simply by spreading the word.

This best training paired with a killer comp plan!

How do I get started?

Click the "Join Now" Button below to register.
Once you complete registration you will be taken to payment page where you will follow the instructions on the page.

After payment has been verified (all payments verified manually for accuracy) you will gain access to the members area.
Follow the instructions in the members area to maximize your use of this site and collect your product purchase.


The only thing that can stop you from earning today, is YOU!


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